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Our future is today.

At ESTIMAR Hotels, we strive to exemplify our values and commitments through active and voluntary contributions to social, economic, and environmental responsibility.

Our dedication to sustainability encompasses safeguarding human rights, promoting the well-being of our employees and the environment, and nurturing our relationships with suppliers. By upholding our values and fostering positive impacts on society, we maintain alignment with our principles and contribute to a better world.

We collaborate with small businesses and champion the professional growth of young individuals and those at risk of exclusion. Furthermore, we hold ourselves accountable for our operations, diligently working each day to minimise our emissions and waste generation.

We know that taking climate action is the only way forward.

Environmental Actions

Economic Actions. Ethics & Transparency

Social Actions & Labour

The Water Pact.

There is only one path to the future, and at ESTIMAR Hotels, we are steadfast in our direction.

While we may not be the pioneers, our resolve remains unwavering as we press forward, much like the unstoppable flow of a river towards the sea. Tomorrow rests within our grasp. Sustainability serves as the central, cohesive, and strategic focus across all our hotels.

At ESTIMAR Hotels, we have forged a pact with society and the environment: “The Water Pact.”

Water marks our journey towards sustainable development. Through it, we bring our motto to life: “To meticulously care for our guests and provide them with authentic experiences, all while preserving the ecosystems, culture, and essence of our destinations.”

Water is life.

We prioritise your well-being. That is why we are implementing filtered water fountains at strategic locations throughout our establishments, so you can conveniently refill your reusable bottle at any time.

Water is not infinite.

In our new hotel, ESTIMAR Valencia, we have integrated innovative meters that allow you to monitor your own consumption throughout your stay, empowering you to reduce it. While technology is vital, we invite you to be our partner in this endeavor.

Water is fun.

Immerse yourself in nature, but gather your waste when you leave. At ESTIMAR Hotels, we partner with Gravity Wave, actively collecting and recycling nearly 6 tons of plastic annually from the Mediterranean.

Water is social and recycled.

We are dedicated to supporting water brands that align with our values. Each year, we purchase over 46,000 bottles from Aura, a social enterprise. Profits generated by Aura are reinvested into projects geared towards providing access to clean drinking water for communities in need.